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If you already have a FREE listing on the site you can easily upgrade it at any time using this form. We offer either a Featured Weblink or a Featured Web Page for a small annual fee. Both options are detailed below.

Featured Weblink

If you already have an existing website and would like to use this opportunity to direct more people to it we can offer you a featured weblink for £20.00 per year.

Featured Web Page

For those traders who don't have their own website and are looking for a cheap alternative or for those who do and want more exposure we can offer you your own, single page advert featuring your logo, 3 full colour photos and an unlimited description for only £60.00 per year. Each page has its own unique web address and can be used as a standalone website to direct your customers to.

You can also use this form to report an error even if you are not the trader involved! If you've discovered an error in a description or a wrong phone number listed we want to know about it. Simply write 'A User' in the first three boxes and then enter details of the error in the larger box.

 Update or Amend an existing business entry

If you have found a mistake with your entry or feel your entry is in the wrong category then let us know about it! Use the form below to report the error. You can also use this form to upgrade your FREE listing. (see the left hand panel for more details) You must fill in all fields marked with a

 Business Name
 Contact Name
 Telephone Number
 Description of Error

 Upgrade your entry to a paid inclusion

Simply fill out the following section of the form below and submit to upgrade your entry. We will contact you to confirm your entry and to arrange collection of payment. (remember, you must still fill in all fields above marked with a . If there are no errors with your existing entry type 'upgrade' in the 'Description of error' box.)

    Upgrade my entry to a:    Featured Weblink         Featured Web page  

Complete the following if you would like to upgrade to a featured Weblink or featured Web page.

Website Address

Complete the following only if you would like to upgrade to a featured Web page.

Full Description
Image Upload facility Simply use the browse button next to the input boxes to locate the image on your hard drive. (Please try and keep image sizes below about 600k in size)

Company Logo
Image one
Image two
Image three

Please double check that all your details are correct. Once you are happy that everything is correct, simply click the button below.

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