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Ashburton Town Council is made up of 12 Councillors who stand for re-election every 4 years, this includes voting in a new Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor. All Councillors are voted in by the people of Ashburton. It should also be noted that a Town Councillor is a voluntary position. No Town Councillor receives payment for attending any of the Ashburton Town Council meetings.

All Town council meeting minutes and agendas are 'public access' this means that any person at any time can request to see them. For your convenience we have supplied the last 6 months worth of these minutes and agendas for download. If you require to view documents from meetings before this date then you can contact the Town Hall directly to arrange this.

 Ashburton Town Council Meetings

The Town Council meets in the Town hall, generally at the end of each month.

The Town Council meetings are split up into four different committees, General purpose, Finance and Town Hall, Planning and The Information Centre. You can view the Minutes and Agendas available to download for any of these committees by visiting the 'Council Minutes' section of this site.

Attending a Meeting
Members of the public are encouraged to attend meetings of Ashburton Town Council to listen to the debate, recommendations and decisions of the town council. Members of the public and press are invited to attend all of the town council meetings - unless they are Part 2 restricted.

 Speaking at Council Meetings
Before the town council meeting is opened by the Chairman, members of the public will be given the opportunity to express their views or make statements on matters listed within the agenda.

If the matter they wish to raise is not listed on the agenda for discussion at that meeting, the town council members may choose to request that it be included on a future agenda. Any matters that a councillor feels is worthy of placing on a future agenda will be dealt with under the agenda heading councillor's reports for information and suggested item's for future agenda's.

The maximum time allowed for public speaking is ten minutes so if there are several members of the public wanting to speak, the town council would ask that speakers get to the point that they wish to make as soon as possible and then others are able to speak if they so require. The maximum time allowed for public speaking is ten minutes and the chairman will not allow any longer.

As a speaker, you cannot expect council members to enter into any discussion about the issues you raise but your comments will be noted. Meetings start at various times (please see agendas) and usually conclude at approximately 9.00pm at the latest.

The council's decision, recommendation or determination will be published shortly before the next meeting by way of minutes which are displayed at:

Hard copies of agendas can be obtained from the town clerk's office or on our Town Council Minutes page.

The town council welcomes residents being fully involved with local government in Ashburton but will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of its members, officers and staff. No one is entitled to interrupt or disrupt the proceedings of the Council or its committees.

Writing to the town Council
Ashburton Town Council welcomes correspondence from members of the public. Members of the public who wish to write and raise an issue for the town council to discuss at one of its meetings must ensure that their letter is received by the town clerk at least seven days before the meeting, as this can then be included on the next relevant meeting's agenda.

If it is after this period the letter will then be placed on the next relevant agenda for discussion.

Ashburton Town Council has recently revised its workings and has introduced a public speaking period of ten minutes at all meetings (as from 15 May 2012).

Letters can be sent to:
Address  Bruce Broughton Town Clerk
Town Hall
North Street
TQ13 7QQ
Phone  01364 652142

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