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Ashburton Town Council is made up of 12 Councillors who stand for re-election every 4 years, this includes voting in a new Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor. All Councillors are voted in by the people of Ashburton. It should also be noted that a Town Councillor is a voluntary position. No Town Councillor receives payment for attending any of the Ashburton Town Council meetings.

The Town Council meetings are split up into four different committees, General purpose, Finance and Town Hall, Planning and The Information Centre. You can view the Minutes and Agendas available to download for any of these committees by visiting the 'Council Minutes' section of this site.

All Town council meeting minutes and agendas are 'public access' this means that any person at any time can request to see them. For your convenience we have supplied the last 6 months worth of these minutes and agendas for download. If you require to view documents from meetings before this date then you can contact the Town Hall directly to arrange this.

 Your Councillors
Ashburton Town Council is made up of twelve councillors, including a Mayor. The role of the Councillors is to look after the day to day running of the town which means a lot of time attending committee meetings, the details of which committee each councillor serves on is listed below. The contents of every meeting are documented and available for download from the 'Council Minutes' section of this site.
Town Mayor Councillor Alison Irens

To contact a Councillor please email via
Councillor J Ashford Councillor J Ashford
Councillor E Baker Councillor E Baker
Councillor P Brewer Councillor P Brewer
Councillor A Daw Councillor A Daw
Councillor C Dennis Councillor C Dennis
Councillor Councillor D Distin
Councillor J Giles Councillor J Giles
Councillor A Irens Councillor A Irens
Councillor S Khan Councillor S Khan
Councillor S Khan Councillor J Nutley
Cllr Philip Vogel Cllr Philip Vogel
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