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Suppliers of tipi poles commercially since 2002.

Locally sourced tipi poles cut by ourselves from sustainably managed woodlands.

Douglas fir poles, renowned for its durability and strength.

Peeled and sanded to a consistently high standard; no snags which could rip your canvas. All poles seasoned (air-dried).

No chemical treatments; we do linseed oil them if requested at extra cost.
Tipi poles always in stock. We can usually provide your order within 10 days. At least 25 sets kept in stock at all times.

Discounts if more than 3 sets are ordered.

Prices as follows:
set of 11 poles at 14ft or 4.3m each for 10 ft or 3m tipi - £123.20
set of 11 poles at 16ft or 4.9m for 12ft or 3.6m tipi - £140.80
set of 14 poles at 18ft or 5.5m each for 14ft tipi - £201.60
set of 14 poles at 20ft or 6.1 m each for 16ft or 4.9m tipi - £224
set of 17 poles at 22ft or 6.6m each for 18ft or 5.5m tipi - £299.20
All other sizes available at corresponding prices please ring for a chat.

Contact us by old-fashioned telephone and leave a message - we'll get back to you. We also have for sale pedigree Jacob sheep.

Address  Higher Bowerdon
Phone   01364 642601

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