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Am always working on family history an was given a copy of a letter written and sent to Toronto, CA area in the 16-17 hundreds (I believe.) The signature at end of letter says,"from Ashburton, Devonshire, England" I would love to locate any info on the precise area and the "Weeks Family.
Mary Ellen Weeks, Buffalo, NY, USA

Great photo of Westabrook on the latest edition of "Around Ashburton". Good memories of sledding down Terrace and almost through the hedge on to the road.
Mike Doble, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

I was born in Ashburton and spent the first 21 years of my life there until I married a girl from Stoke-on-Trent. In 1973 we moved to Canada but in my heart Ashburton is still my home town.
Barrie, On. Canada

Past Portreeves. Anyone out there with information about ancestors who were former Portreeves - love to hear from you. Contact via Town Clerk
Pete Webb, Ashburton

Gulwell - near Peartree & old farmhouse demolished for Dual Carriageway. (message for Lynday Gulwell) Daintyland - photo wanted (message for Elain Riley) - contact me via town clerk
Pete Webb, Ashburton

Lived in Ashburton from the age of 6months to 14 years. Lived at Beverley Gardens and East Street.left in 1980 but get to visit a couple of times a year and always look forward to it
Jayne Hayton nee Vickery, Durham

I am proud to say that my family have lived in Ashburton for six generations and my father Ernest Smerdon was born in North Street. I have many happy memories of growing up in the town and hope that my grandchildren Milly 3 and Lucas 2 grow up to enjoy the beauty of Ashburton
Michelle Bristow

My Great Grandfathers all named John Ireland came from Ashburton. One of my ancesters was John Ireland The Dean of Westminster Abbey. He held the crowns for George 1V and Edward 1V at their coronations. He is buried in Poet's Corner in Westminster Abbey. Dean John Ireland was educated at Ashburton Grammar School under Revd Thomas Smerden, and later at Oxford. He aquired a house in Ashburton for the masters of the school. Also, pupils of the school at the same time was Wills the famous explorer in Australia and William Gifford who became the editor of the famous Quarterly magazine, who is buried with John Ireland in the Abbey. There still exists a Scholarship at Oxford uni named after John Ireland. If anyone can offer any further information I would be very happy to receive it.
Dianne Boardman - 61 2 99042442

I am from an old devon family, mainly the Buckfastleigh branch, but my paternal grandmother was the daughter of Robert Palk Mogridge, who was a surgeon. His family once owned land in Ashburton, so I would be glad to hear from anybody with more information. The surnames Mudge and Bovey also crop up in our history. Please contact me at if you can help!
Roger Furneaux

Ashburton is a place of later in life memories as my parents and sister moved there while I worked in London, so while I did not grow up there I loved to visit and be able to ramble on the moors. My mother is a Devonian and still lives in Ashburton on Bowling Green, she is the ripe young age of 103.
Delayne Ann Groen, Winnipeg Canada

Ashburton - always close to my heart. I spent many a holiday here in the 1960's and 1970's as a child, from London, and went back in the late 1980's when I was studying and living in Cardiff - the family had moved to South East Essex by then, although at the time, my parents had the opportunity to buy a house in Ladwell Square, but we missed out - my huge regret. I moved to Bristol with my work, but my aim is to retire to Ashburton, should the opportunity arise. I have made the first step by marrying a Devonshire lass eight years ago!
Chris Ivory, Bristol

On my many visits to Devon during the course of each year,I always make Ashburton my first place to visit.I always feel at home whenever I am there.The picture on your homepage says it all!
Tony Fox - Moira Leics

I have only seen Ashburton on the net but it looks beautiful. I, like many others am doing the family history and found that my maternal great grandfather was born in Ashburton in 1823. His father and grandfather were born there also. I have only managed to go back to 1771 as yet. John Foot (1823-1903) married Elizabeth Turner (1824-1905)at Gages Mill in December 1844 and left for Australia in 1856. They eventually were granted land at Quirindi N.S.W. They named the property "Ashburton" and the area Castle Mountain. My grandfather and my mother were born at Ashburton, New South Wales Australia. I hope to visit one day soon and will be booking into Gages Mill for part of my journey back in time.
Kevin Hughes - Australia

A lovely little town. If only I could park somewhere I would come and shop. As it is I've had to drive away without having the chance to look at let alone spend any money in your shops.
Lizzie - Tavistock

I used to live in Ashburton a few years ago in Kellett Close. Really miss the calming culture of Ashburton. WIll most definatly return again one day for a visit fab place x
Amy Evans - Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

What a beautiful little village! I have visited Devon before many years ago with my parents but I am so glad I have visted as an adult!!
Angela Hill - Stockton on Tees

Until recently, I had never visited Devon and had never heard of Ashburton. My friend and I arrived in Ashburton last month, exhausted from a long journey, having spontaneously decided that we both deserved a holiday! I didn't know where to go or where to stay, and there right on the car park behind the Town Hall was your Information Centre - a beacon to two weary travellers! The staff were so helpful and friendly, especially Janet (I think she is the Manager - and what a fine job she does!). The Information Centre was very well laid out. We purchased a couple of local history books, and visited lots of places on Dartmoor whilst making our base in Ashburton. Through Janet, we learnt all about your town's history, even about electoral reform after visiting St Lukes Church - on Janet's recommendation! Janet also told us about the Agaric, where we enjoyed marvellous food and we had a drink in the wine bar down the road. There are so many wonderful antique shops in Ashburton - I spent a fortune!Happily, when I got home, even my husband was impressed with my purchases! We are coming back next year with both our families. The grandchildren will stay at Dart Country Park with their parents and we will be staying at the Agaric. What a terrific, friendly, welcoming town with an Information Centre which is so well placed - and second to none! It must be a marvellous boost to your local businesses. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable week.
Mrs Audrey Stephenson-Smythe - Richmond, Surrey

Joyce and I loved to visit Ashburton and Doris Turner our dear friend at Melrose, happy days that live on in my heart.
Walter Evans Knighton - Powys

I am trying to compile a list of former Ashburton Carnival Queens so that there can be a permanent record on the Carnival Royalty Float. If you were a former carnival queen, or you know who was queen in a particular year, please contact me by phone or e-mail. Many thanks.
Rod Moore 01364 652196

Good luck to Ashburton AFC in their quest to advance into the final of the George Belli Cup. Its many years since I battled with Phil Goodwin for the only large shirt in the kit bag. But it was always a pleasure to play alongside Paddy Harding, Mike Harding, Dougie Distin, Adrian Daw, Lol Avery, Rob Brailley, Pete Wooton, John Brixey, Barry French and many more stalwarts of the club. Not forgetting Cyril Bowen who would be shouting encouragement to us from the touchline. Well I think it was encouragement, because he always did it with a smile. I recall we were playing Upton Reserves in Torquay and one of their players, Puff Gibson, was getting a bit 'niggly' so Cyril told me to sit on him, hoping he would react and draw the ref's attention. I kind of misinterpereted what Cyril said and 'upended' Mr Gibson a few times, and at halftime Cyril came over to me and said, smiling, I didn't mean sit on him literally, just to mark him closely. Happy days.
David 'Jerry' Dawson - Torquay

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