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Ashburton - always close to my heart. I spent many a holiday here in the 1960's and 1970's as a child, from London, and went back in the late 1980's when I was studying and living in Cardiff - the family had moved to South East Essex by then, although at the time, my parents had the opportunity to buy a house in Ladwell Square, but we missed out - my huge regret. I moved to Bristol with my work, but my aim is to retire to Ashburton, should the opportunity arise. I have made the first step by marrying a Devonshire lass eight years ago!
Chris Ivory, Bristol

On my many visits to Devon during the course of each year,I always make Ashburton my first place to visit.I always feel at home whenever I am there.The picture on your homepage says it all!
Tony Fox - Moira Leics

I have only seen Ashburton on the net but it looks beautiful. I, like many others am doing the family history and found that my maternal great grandfather was born in Ashburton in 1823. His father and grandfather were born there also. I have only managed to go back to 1771 as yet. John Foot (1823-1903) married Elizabeth Turner (1824-1905)at Gages Mill in December 1844 and left for Australia in 1856. They eventually were granted land at Quirindi N.S.W. They named the property "Ashburton" and the area Castle Mountain. My grandfather and my mother were born at Ashburton, New South Wales Australia. I hope to visit one day soon and will be booking into Gages Mill for part of my journey back in time.
Kevin Hughes - Australia

A lovely little town. If only I could park somewhere I would come and shop. As it is I've had to drive away without having the chance to look at let alone spend any money in your shops.
Lizzie - Tavistock

I used to live in Ashburton a few years ago in Kellett Close. Really miss the calming culture of Ashburton. WIll most definatly return again one day for a visit fab place x
Amy Evans - Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

What a beautiful little village! I have visited Devon before many years ago with my parents but I am so glad I have visted as an adult!!
Angela Hill - Stockton on Tees

Until recently, I had never visited Devon and had never heard of Ashburton. My friend and I arrived in Ashburton last month, exhausted from a long journey, having spontaneously decided that we both deserved a holiday! I didn't know where to go or where to stay, and there right on the car park behind the Town Hall was your Information Centre - a beacon to two weary travellers! The staff were so helpful and friendly, especially Janet (I think she is the Manager - and what a fine job she does!). The Information Centre was very well laid out. We purchased a couple of local history books, and visited lots of places on Dartmoor whilst making our base in Ashburton. Through Janet, we learnt all about your town's history, even about electoral reform after visiting St Lukes Church - on Janet's recommendation! Janet also told us about the Agaric, where we enjoyed marvellous food and we had a drink in the wine bar down the road. There are so many wonderful antique shops in Ashburton - I spent a fortune!Happily, when I got home, even my husband was impressed with my purchases! We are coming back next year with both our families. The grandchildren will stay at Dart Country Park with their parents and we will be staying at the Agaric. What a terrific, friendly, welcoming town with an Information Centre which is so well placed - and second to none! It must be a marvellous boost to your local businesses. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable week.
Mrs Audrey Stephenson-Smythe - Richmond, Surrey

Joyce and I loved to visit Ashburton and Doris Turner our dear friend at Melrose, happy days that live on in my heart.
Walter Evans Knighton - Powys

I am trying to compile a list of former Ashburton Carnival Queens so that there can be a permanent record on the Carnival Royalty Float. If you were a former carnival queen, or you know who was queen in a particular year, please contact me by phone or e-mail. Many thanks.
Rod Moore 01364 652196

Good luck to Ashburton AFC in their quest to advance into the final of the George Belli Cup. Its many years since I battled with Phil Goodwin for the only large shirt in the kit bag. But it was always a pleasure to play alongside Paddy Harding, Mike Harding, Dougie Distin, Adrian Daw, Lol Avery, Rob Brailley, Pete Wooton, John Brixey, Barry French and many more stalwarts of the club. Not forgetting Cyril Bowen who would be shouting encouragement to us from the touchline. Well I think it was encouragement, because he always did it with a smile. I recall we were playing Upton Reserves in Torquay and one of their players, Puff Gibson, was getting a bit 'niggly' so Cyril told me to sit on him, hoping he would react and draw the ref's attention. I kind of misinterpereted what Cyril said and 'upended' Mr Gibson a few times, and at halftime Cyril came over to me and said, smiling, I didn't mean sit on him literally, just to mark him closely. Happy days.
David 'Jerry' Dawson - Torquay

How I miss Ashburton I grew up there but haven't been back for 30 years one day if I'm lucky.
Deena Macadam née James - Woodbine NSW Australia

Ashburton can only be described as gods own town where no matter who you are you can always be sure of a warm welcome. I grew up there until I married in 1985 and moved away, however Ahsburton has and always will be home it's where my heart really is. Last month I saw my dad William (Bill) Shapley sworn in as the new master baliff I felt so proud of him and of the town I grew up in among such wonderful people. It only leaves me to say good luck dad in your office and you can count on our support wherever possible.
Carolyn Nicholls -Taunton

Interesting to read the visitor's book and recognize familiar names. On a personal note I would like to offer my heartiest congratulations to William James Shapley on being sworn in as the new Master Bailiff. Have a very good year in this historic office, of the Ancient Stannary Town of Ashburton.
David 'Jerry' Dawson - Torquay

Thank you to one of your wonderful locals, Linda P, who sent me the link for your fabulous website! My GGG Grandfather, John EALES (1799 - 1871), was born in Ashburton to John Eales Sr & Elizabeth Leaman (1775 - 1804). I'm trying to break through a family tree brick wall, that is pre-Australian Eales, so if there are any extended family members out there, please feel free to contact me at
Linda Drury - Brisbane - Australia

My three times great grandmother Grace WEBBER b. 1836 came from Ashburton, as did her father and mother, Richard WEBBER b. 1798 and Elizabeth WEBBER nee LEAMAN b. 1802. I would love to hear from any decendents,contact:
Brian Pritchard - Chester, Cheshire

I have not been to Ashburton but intend visiting some time later this year. My maternal Great grandmother Sarah Jane Matterface was born in Ashburton in 1833 and later moved to Bickington when she married my Great grandfather Mathew Nosworthy in 1856.My grandfather was born in Bedford in 1869 and immigrated to South Africa at the turn of the century. I am keen to find out if there are still Matterfaces in Ashburton and whether we are related.

My paternal grandfather, John Henry Knowles, was born in Ashburton on 7 May 1893.He emigrated to Australia in 1911 and served in the Great War where he was severely gassed. He returned to Australia, married, had 12 children and passed away in 1945.I would love to hear from any relatives in Ashburton. Email:
Kevin Knowles - Melbourne, Australia

My father (Russell H. Martin) was born in Ashburton, I lived and was schooled there. He met my mother there during the war, he served in the Navy, moved to London in 1953. Our family tree goes back 900 years to an abandoned child later named "FOUND" and in later years due to marriage became "MARTIN". My grandparents (William and Beatrice) owned various properties in the area including the Royal Oak (19??), London Hotel(1950), Rising Sun (Woodlands 1953) then moved into town... to Stapledon Lane, what was then 22 Back Lane. I have returned for short visits during the past few years and love every moment of it. I am a Londoner by birth but my heart belongs to Ashburton and it is the place that I really feel "HOME sick" for. When my ship comes in.... I shall return there with my fathers ashes. I still have cousins living in the Torbay area (Christine Lunt and Edward Lutly) I am presently living in North Carolina, USA. Please feel free to contact me. I am also looking for anybody that may have knowledge of my family. Let's all hope for a better 2009.
Roy Martin - London, UK

It is great to finally have a visual of Ashburton. My ancestors came over from Ashburton to Newfoundland in 1829. Would love to have the opportunity to visit one day. Any Bearns in the area feel free to contact me at
Karen Bearns - St John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Ashburton was mentioned while researching my family tree. Mary Toor was born about 1826 and emigrated to Canada with her husband, Arthur Horton and daughter Elizabeth about 1851.If you have any knowledge about this contact me Thanks in advance.
Karen Horton - Fonthill, Ontario,Canada

Hello everybody in Ashburton!! I am trying to find out a bit about my Mum, whose name was JACKIE POWE, who died in 1991 of Cancer. She grew up in Ashburton and lived in Torquay for some years. If anyone has any stories about her they would like to share them with me please contact me on Many Thanks, Katy
Katy Winter - Warminster, Wilts

My grandmother lived at Station Cottages. She died in the 1960`s. We spent all our holidays in Ashburton when we were children. I remember listening to the trains from our bedroom and rushing out to the cattle market on market days. The pub was still named The Railway Arms if I remember correctly. We would often walk out to Widecombe-in-the-moor to visit some of our other relatives. A great uncle ran a bus service to Newton on wednesdays and another uncle lived in Compton Castle.(He was the gardener by the way). What super memories we have of Ashburton.
John Beard - Hampshire

I am from Basingstoke, England and my grandma lives in Ashburton and I used to visit her all the time there, it is a beautiful place to be. It is so magical!
Melissa Heatley - Canada

Nice and well organised, lots of pictures and links. I might be moving to Ashburton soon and I think it is rather like Aylsham.
Lily - Buxton, Norwich, Norfolk

My entire family were fortunate enough to stumble upon Ashburton during our July 2006 vacation. All 14 of us rented The Gathering. While most of our days were spent traveling to different parts of England, most of us enjoyed the time we spent in your quaint little town. We met some wonderful people at the Exeter Inn and thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality. To the kids in our group, the local boys they met were wonderful especially Chris, Phil & Joel. All of us are looking forward to coming back for another visit in the next few years. Our new favorite place to visit!!!
Kim Wise - Springfield, PA USA

I love it here - My friends say I live in a lovely place - this is true - I hope I never have to leave.
Miss L. Bottom - Ashburton

Have just been down to Ashburton after browsing family name on the net and coming up with St.Gudula's well and Gulwell Cross and Gulwell farm. Found all of them (tucked away!)but what happened to the place Gulwell, mentioned as the birthplace of your 1st. Lord Ashburton,John Dunning? And Gulwell Bridge? More trips needed, I think, and some local help please!
Lynda Gulwell - Chippenham, Wiltshire

Its me again! i came down to ashburton for half term to see my dad, had a great time again as usual! its a nice place to be in and theres very friendly people there! coming back down at christmas, can't wait!! hiya to all my lads down there love you all, see you soon. hold tight love
Angela Hadley, Leamington Spa

I had a fantastic time. Did an 8 mile hike round Hound Tor and Haytor, visited the River Dart and various other locations close by. The accommodation was great, I stayed at my aunties!!!! Will definitely come back so watch out!!!
Trudi - Leicester

Visited in 2001 after 40 yrs of being away lived in St Lawrence Lane next to PO in 1959. I was 11 years old, it was great to go back to my old school and house, I am now 58. My name was Harrison we had a shop there called Daintyland it was later a mens wear shop now it is vacant.
Elaine Riley - Australia

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