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This area of the site is in rememberance of all the service men and women from Ashburton who lost their lives in two world wars and to keep their memories alive through the stories of those that lived through them.

War Memorial
Remembrance Sunday 2011
A quiet pilgrimage to Normandy
War Veterans


Ashburton Town War Memorial

In Honoured Memory
Grateful Remembrance

of all the Brave Men who fell defending our country during two World Wars.

Ashburton Dedicates this Monument

The Path of Duty was the Way to Glory

1914 - 1918

John C A Caunter
John Bray
George C W Carew
George J Bray
Dan Bowden
Jubal Bartlett
Gerald H S Beveridge
William J Collins
Richard L L Caunter
Simon G Chivall
Sidney Baker
Bertram Cowls
John F Cowls
William R M Crossman
Alfred Eales
John East
Wilfred J O Evans
Basil F Ferris
Ernest Fezzey
Daniel German
John German
Reginald G Gibbs
Frederick Gilbert
William J Hannaford
Samuel Harding
Walter Harris
John Hatch
William K Hatch
Archibald Head
Sydney Heales
Hubert Hext
Herbert C Honeywill
Frederick Howis
William H Lambell
Charles Leaman
Leslie J Lomax
Joseph Lowrey
James MacDowell
Edwin R Mann
Charles S Martin
Richard Milton
Frederick F Moore
Thomas Mugford
John Murch
Alfred W W Northway
James Northway
William H Parnell
John Peacock
Edgar Pitts
Edward J Pomroy
Ernest G Poolman
John H M Rosewarne
Frederick Routley
Arthur J T Rowland
Richard T Spear
William J Stevens
Robert L Stone
Geoffrey G Tozer
John H W Tozer
Thomas L Tozer
Andrew Truscott
Alan R L Tucker
Henry H S Vaughan
Thomas C Veale
Frank Warren
William N Warren
John Whiddon
William A Whiddon
Louis White
John E Wotton
William H Wotton
1939 - 1945

Cyril A Brennan
Leonard Harvey
Ernest J Lowrey
E Neil Whitley
Peter P Whitley
James Barnett
Patrick Conroy
Pamela C M Coole
Leonard Dann
Peter Hamm
Ronald F Head
William Ibbotson
Henry E Knowles
Phillip W G Norris
Thomas Pascoe
Edward L Plummer
Frederick S Pomeroy
Ernest R W Russell
Leslie R Thorne
Harold E Tubby

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