Relaunch of Ashburton Website

Ashburton has taken a bit of a pounding in recent weeks, and everyone who lives here, all our visitors and our vital business and organisations are going to be looking for a boost.

The Town Council has therefore got together with a number of its partners to work out how best to promote the town locally and further afield, and to gear up our economy and our community to get things moving again. The Town Council is leading a small working party that is looking at issues such as conventional publications, the flow of information, publicity for events and services and – in particular – the redesign and relaunch of the town’s website at, to include a new and much improved Town Diary.

We at the Information Centre have been charged with collecting information about the widest possible range of local organisations, individuals and other contributors so that we can paint the fullest and most colourful picture of Ashburton and what it has to offer to visitors, residents and businesses alike.
And this is where ….

… we need your help!

We need to know who is out there, who wants to be part of this exciting project, and how we can best keep in touch as the website and the town diary are made fit for the challenges ahead.

If you would like to be included, or if you can think of someone or some organisation that may not hear this call, please let us know. All we need at this stage are:

  • a brief idea of what you or your organisation do and what you have to contribute
  • clear details of a contact person with whom we can liaise, to make sure that we include you as you would wish and get the details correct
  • your agreement that we can hold this information and share it with those involved in the project; no contact details will be allowed to fall into the hands of people outside the team

You can provide all this by completing the form below and it will be emailed directly to Information Centre, or phoning the team at the Information Centre who will take down your details for you.

Many thanks.

Cllr Ann Bovey

Ann Bovey

Relaunch of Ashburton Website

Please include me/us in the list of people and organisations that have a contribution to make to the redesigned and relaunched website at We understand that the information we provide will be used solely for the purpose of this project and will only be made available to members of the project team.