About The Council

Our Councillors:

Cllr. Jenny Giles

Mayor - Chair to the Council

Cllr. Saskia Hogbin

Deputy Mayor - Vice-Chair to the Council

Silhouette of a male head

Cllr. Ian Pickvance

Cllr. Mark Searight

Chair of Planning Commitee

Cllr. Lucy Wood

Chair of General Purposes

Ann Bovey

Cllr. Ann Bovey

Cllr. Don Distin

Silhouette of a male head

Cllr. Michael Hext

Cllr. John Nutley

Cllr. Paul Parker

Cllr. Alexine Tinne

Cllr. Karen Turner

Mrs Jacqui Bartram

Town Clerk (acting)

Ms. Caroline Dodds

Deputy Town Clerk (Acting)

Ms. Lynn Travers-Howard

Administrative Assistant